Sleigh your holiday prep list with these six easy steps.

December 9, 2019 3M Canada

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Creating the perfect holiday season can come with a long to-do list, like wrapping gifts, decorating the front yard, and tidying up the house. Fortunately, a little planning and preparation can go a long way.

At 3M, we use science to build solutions that will help you conquer your holiday to-do list, so you can focus on making lasting memories with your family and friends.

Here are just a few ways you can sleigh your holiday prep list.

Before you start tackling your tasks, make a checklist that outlines everything you need to get your projects completed easily.  

Here are some tools to get you started:

  • Command™ Ceiling Hooks
  • The right Scotch® Tape for the job
  • Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll
  • Command™ Outdoor Light Clips
  • Scotch-Brite™ Lint Rollers
  • Filtrete™ Whole House Air Fresheners
  1. Expand your design horizons.

To maximise the decorative surface area of your home, you simply need to look up. Make the ceiling your canvas with Command™ Party Ceiling Hooks. Use them to hang mistletoe, jingle bells, or the paper snowflakes you made with your kids. The best part is that they are easy to apply and they remove cleanly, so you can transform your room without damaging surfaces with holes, marks, or sticky residue.

  1. Choose the right tape for the job.

Our Scotch™ Brand elves want you to know that not all tapes are made the same. Whether you’re wrapping gifts, putting up holiday décor, or crafting your own cards, we have the right Scotch™ Tape to suit the job.

A basic clear wrapping tape can get the job done. But, if you really want to elevate your gift wrapping technique this year, try Scotch™ GiftWrap Tape on your shiny and satin-finish wrapping paper. It is easy to dispense and virtually disappears on most wrapping paper, so you can use as much as you need without changing the look of your gift.

If your wrapping paper has a matte finish, use Scotch™ Magic Tape to make it seamless. This tape is invisible when applied, it cuts cleanly and easily. It also won’t yellow or curl, making it great for those who like to get their gift wrapping done early.

Deck the halls, but for goodness sake, protect your walls! The comedown from the holiday season is already rough without the peeled paint and residue that other tapes can leave behind. Be good to yourself and your home by using Scotch™ Wall-Safe Tape. It will help you secure light and temporary pieces like cards or ribbons on to the wall, but won’t ruin wood, drywall, tile, and glass surfaces.

If you like to add a personal touch by creating your own cards or creating unique embellishments for wrapped gifts, try Scotch™ Double Sided Tape. It helps you reduce the need for hot, messy, and sticky glues, making it especially great for crafting with the kids.

  1. Get your gifts into ship-shape.

If you’re mailing any small gifts this year, forget about unnecessarily large cardboard boxes and filler and try Scotch® Flex & Seal Shipping Roll. This ultra-conformable shipping material securely holds your gift by sticking to itself, not the item. Save up to 50% of the time, supplies, and space it takes to ship your gifts with traditional boxes and shipping materials.

  1. Make your house bright.

Give your home the glow it deserves with the help of Command™ Outdoor Light Clips. These sturdy and clear plastic clips give you the freedom to string lights around your doors, windows, and gutters without leaving damage and residue. Allow the adhesive to cure for one hour and let these hooks will keep your lights twinkling all season long.

  1. Choose snow flakes over lint flakes.

With all this static in the air, you and your furniture can become a magnet for lint and pet hair. Arm yourself with the Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller and get your family in on the rolling fun with the Scotch-Brite™ Mini-Travel Lint Roller Tool – the perfect stocking stuffer! They will help keep your clothing and furniture lint and hair free, so you can focus on having fun with your loved ones.

  1.  Create comfort and joy – without the flame.

There’s nothing better than the fresh aroma of seasonal candles. However, unless you have a candle burning in every room, you’re limited to freshening only a few areas of your home at a time. Between all your holiday decorations, cosy layers of clothing, and guests of all ages, it’s important to keep safety in mind and reduce the number of fire hazards.

Filtrete™ Whole House Air Fresheners are a no-stress, no-flame alternative to burning candles. Each scent pack will last up to thirty days, and with a variety of fragrances like Crisp Cinnamon Apple, Linen Breeze, Lavender, and Floral Bouquet, there’s an aroma to suit any environment.

Once you have completed everything on your list, take a moment to appreciate the warmth and magic of your creations. Reflect on how much you have been able to accomplish and be proud of your efforts.

Happy Holidays, from 3M Canada!

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