The secret behind long-lasting floor shine.

October 31, 2019 Chris Scott

The floors at one of Ontario’s well known post-secondary institutions receives heavy foot traffic every day from its roughly 18,000 students and staff. Shiny floors are difficult to maintain, especially with salt stains adding to the challenge in the winter.

Dan Vartanian and his team decided to make the switch to the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System to help ensure long-lasting floor shine. 

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Chris Scott

[enBio=Chris Scott has been with 3M since 1995 and has held a variety of technical service roles with the organization. Currently, Chris provides technical solutions in the floor care industry and is a trusted source regarding commercial cleaning solutions.],[enJob=Cleaning and Workplace Safety Senior Application Professional, 3M Canada],[frBio=Chris Scott travaille chez 3M depuis 1995 et a occupé divers postes au sein du Service technique de l’entreprise. Présentement, Chris fournit des solutions techniques dans le secteur de l’entretien des planchers et constitue une source fiable en matière de solution de nettoyage commercial.],[frJob=Spécialiste principal de la Division des produits de nettoyage et de sécurité en milieu de travail de 3M]

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