Three construction technologies trends.

January 4, 2017 Greg Doyle


In the construction industry, competitive advantage is increasingly focused on efficiency without compromising safety and quality.

How do you deliver both? By adopting smarter technologies.

Which trends should you follow? Be on the lookout for these three construction technologies.

1. Primerless air and vapour barriers

How do you extend your construction season, and your productivity on the job site? Ditch the primer.

3M offers primerless building envelope products, including vapour permeable, and non-permeable air barrier as well as through wall flashing membranes. No primer means you can eliminate most surface preparation for air and vapour barriers, and keep working even as the temperature drops as low as -18o Celsius. 

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2. Insulation jacketing – with tape

Traditional HVAC cladding products leave seams that can be vulnerable to water and corrosion – and costly maintenance over time. To cut down the risks and the associated costs, many contractors are turning to tape.

For example, the 3M™ VentureClad™ Insulation Jacketing System is a self-adhesive jacketing tape that can create a seamless finish with zero permeability. It can be applied quickly and easily in a wide range of temperatures without any special tools. It also carries a number of industry certifications – including LEED compliance and ULC S102 classification – and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.


3. On-demand firestop systems expertise

Firestop technologies help prevent loss of life and property by impeding the spread of smoke, gas, and fire. Unfortunately both solutions and applications can be difficult to interpret from the jobsite.

Mobile tools that connect contractors and installers with firestop expertise are an emerging trend. For example, the 3M Fire Protection System Selector will help you choose and install the right products the right way, while helping to keep your job on-time and up to code.

Firestop technology

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