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The top 9 science stories of 2019.

top 9 of 2019

Science is all around us.

Everything from the cars we drive and the gadgets we use, to the electricity that powers our homes and businesses has scientific research and countless hours of trial and error behind it.

This year’s State of Science Index Survey shows that 62% of Canadians believe that science is important for society in general, and 86% of them say that they feel optimistic about the role science will play over the next twenty years. This optimism might come in part from our ability to use science to make the world better. 

At 3M, we use science to create innovative technologies that will solve problems in many industries, such as food safety, health care, worker safety, and commercial and industrial.

As we begin a new decade, we are celebrating the top nine science stories of 2019, so we can see how far we’ve come and think about new solutions that will make the future brighter.

Check them out for yourself.

9. The future workforce cares about your sustainability goals.

To realise our long-term vision of sustainability and circular economy, we must have a steady talent pipeline that is comprised of innovative thinkers. What does the future workforce look for as they search for an employer to help them create solutions to problems in the future?

No matter their age or geography, our conversations with Canadian students have revealed five characteristics they are seeking from their future employers.

8. Helping improve moisture-associated skin damage treatment.

Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) affects many, yet most treatments do not offer results that provide comfort or positive results for the patient.

Learn about what MASD is and how this medical solution can help enhance patient experience and outcomes. The solution has the potential to increase the effectiveness of home care providers, and help reduce the cost of home care supplies.

7. The top challenges in today’s food safety testing market.

What are the greatest food safety testing challenges we should be watching out for, and how can we fix them? At the 3M Food Safety Symposium, we invited Canadian industry leaders to share their thoughts on important issues in their industry.

From shifting regulations to microbiological challenges, they break down the most pressing food safety testing challenges in their safety symposium

6. A discreet solution – the benefits of kinesiology support.

Dealing with sore and injured joints can be difficult and painful. Luckily, there are certain steps you can take to help alleviate the soreness and discomfort you’re feeling.

Kinesiology support can be the remedy you need to help you get through the day. Learn how this discreet, waterproof, and innovative solution can help provide long-lasting and effective support so you can get back to doing the things you love.

5. The rising skepticism of science and how we can solve it.

This year, our State of Science Index found that people’s skepticism of science is on the rise.

Science is essential for the solutions we build, and the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can help solve the problems that Canadians may face in the future.

We wanted to learn how we can make a difference. To understand what we can do better, we invited scientists Jayshree Seth and Samantha Yammine for a conversation. Here is what they had to say about making science more relatable and improving science communications to lessen the public’s skepticism of science.

4. Improve worker safety with this wire brush alternative.

Wire brushes are commonly used in the metalworking industry, especially for weld spatter, paint, and corrosion removal. However, wire brushes can pose a problem because they can negatively affect performance and worker safety.

A safer, more consistent alternative to wire brushes can keep metal workers safe on the shop floor, while enhancing productivity and performance. Learn how we applied science to our technologies to create a better alternative.

3. Leading edge erosion matters, so we put tape to the test.

Leading-edge erosion is a significant problem. It alters the aerodynamics of a turbine blade, decreasing lift and impacting its ability to generate rotational force. This can affect the Annual Energy Production (AEP) anywhere from 5%-15% (depending on the category level of blade erosion), making it important to find a solution that can repair and prevent wind erosion damage.

Find out what the Scientific Director of the Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan) had to say about this wind blade protection solution and the advancement we’ve made that will support wind energy advancements across Canada.

2. Can you use adhesive as an alternative to rivets and welds?

Mechanical fasteners don’t always perform as you want them to, and other solutions such as rivets and welds can’t always stand up to the job. 3M has found a solution that will help you deliver the quality performance you need.

There are many benefits of adhesive bonding over mechanical fasteners, and here’s how you can achieve the level of production efficiency and product aesthetics today’s marketplace demands.adhesive appplication

1. Five unbelievable 3M inventions.

With everything from the first retroreflective sheeting to enhance the visibility of traffic signs to automotive paint protector and respirators, we have applied science to life to create useful solutions to a variety of problems.

Learn about the research and science that has helped create solutions to solve various types of problems in homes and businesses.

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