Solving packing tape problems for recycled corrugate boxes.

March 31, 2016 3M Canada

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Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape Can Help You Deliver on Your Refrigerated Shipping Commitment

Recycled corrugate boxes contain something that many businesses are drawn to  – not only are they reliable and budget friendly, but using this material is one way that Earth-conscious companies are showing the planet some love.

What happens when your recycled corrugate boxes just don’t deliver?

Shipping your products is serious business.

You take great care in selecting the size and design of your recycled corrugate boxes and go to great lengths to ensure your products are packaged securely inside, before sending them away.

You’ve made a commitment to your distributors and customers that you’ll deliver as promised, 365 days a year.

So why is it that when your products require refrigeration – boxes are arriving at their final destination with the tape having come loose, the seals broken and/or the product compromised?

Packing tape challenge: Why recycled corrugate boxes come open when shipping in the cold

Properly sealing recycled corrugate boxes for cold transport is a common challenge.

The issue is tied to the boxes’ recycled fibres, which are shorter and denser, making it more difficult for tape to stick.

With the added intensity of cold conditions bringing moisture to the mix, it can be ‘game over’ for your sealed boxes before you can say ‘pop goes the weasel.’

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Keep recycled corrugate boxes sealed securely with 3M™ Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape

Your environmental endeavours don’t have to compromise your business. You just need the right tape.

Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape is designed to quickly and securely stick to a wide variety of substrates, including recycled corrugate and fiberboard. The synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive penetrates the shorter fibers of highly recycled content to create a strong bond that holds box flaps tight.

While conventional box sealing tape uses a stiff adhesive that adheres to the box surface, Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape uses a softer synthetic rubber hot melt that actually penetrates the shorter fibers on recycled corrugate, flowing into the hills and valleys of the substrate surface to provide a stronger, more secure hold.

Why Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape works so well

  • Synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive designed specifically for challenging corrugate
  • Softer adhesive penetrates shorter fibers of highly recycled content for a strong hold
  • Scotch® Tape quality ensures consistent unwind with minimal waste
  • Rolls can be easily applied by hand, manual dispenser or 3M-Matic™ Case Sealer

Explain it to me in ‘Science’: Biaxially-Oriented Backing Resists Abrasion

For additional strength and flexibility, Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape 3073 features a biaxially-orientated polypropylene backing that resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and scuffing, keeping boxes secure from production line through delivery.

Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape 3073 is made with an adhesive that contains over 10% bio-based content. Plus, all recycled corrugate tapes use recycled materials in the core.

Get Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tape Today. Learn more here.


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