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Why we motivate students to pursue STEM education.

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What does Canada need to be successful in 2067?

Now more than ever, Canada’s economic future depends on brilliant, curious minds trained in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – or “STEM”.  But as the demand ramps up, interest from students across the nation is waning.

That’s why 3M is proud to be a founding partner of Canada 2067: a cross-country movement to inspire today’s students to pursue STEM disciplines.

The role of STEM in our economy.

Researchers, scientists, engineers, technologists, and analysts: these highly-skilled trades form the backbone of Canadian industry.

3M credits more than a century of success to its STEM workforce. Every day a team of more than 1,800 across Canada uses science to help solve problems and improve lives for people around the world. Some of the company’s best-known inventions – like masking tape and Post-it® Notes – were born from a mix of curiosity and STEM.

As Canada looks to the future, these highly-skilled individuals will become even more critical.

The need for STEM education.

A recent study by Let’s Talk Science projected STEM fields will represent the largest source of employment growth in the next decade – impacting more than 6,500,000 Canadian jobs.

As a science-based company, 3M is impacted by this acutely. STEM-educated experts are already in high demand and short supply. Securing the right talent for their lab and manufacturing environments is highly competitive – and projected to intensify over the next few years.

“Canada’s economic future depends on having as many workers as possible who can think critically, make decisions and solve problems. It’s how our economy – and our country – will remain competitive, whatever the rest of the world throws at us. And it’s why leaders of just about every type of business in Canada need to encourage today’s youth to embrace a science, technology, engineering or mathematics education, even if they aren’t planning to go into a STEM career.” – Erin Craven, “The business case for encouraging students to pursue a STEM education,” The Globe and Mail

Canada is not currently equipped to meet this demand. Let’s Talk Science reports that only 25% of students are interested in pursuing STEM careers.

Motivate our students. Support Canada 2067.

Today’s students must be inspired to become tomorrow’s scientists. That’s why 3M is proud to be a lead sponsor of Canada 2067.


Canada 2067 strives to help children and youth understand STEM education benefits, explore potential STEM careers, and encourage their natural curiosity through science. Government agencies and leaders, educators, and industry champions from across the country have already come on board to support the program, and ensure a brighter future is within reach.

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