Vehicle wrap customization trends for 2016.

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Camaro with vehicle wrap

From full car wraps to custom colours, vinyl wrap potential is being realized this year.

A few years ago, it was only the trendsetters and the bravest few who wrapped their cars, but today vehicle wraps continue gain in popularity.

wrap on car

To learn more, 3M asked Dmitri Selivanov, RESTYLE-IT WRAPS Partner, Director of Marketing and PR, what he saw as the top customization trends during the 2016 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto.

“People who get wraps are as individual as the wraps themselves,” explained Selivanov.  “This year, 3M is offering expanded wrap options that appeal to even the most particular needs.”

Here are the top five customization trends Selivanov learned at the show:

1.Full Vehicle Vinyl Wraps – A complete colour change is in demand from the car enthusiasts or tuners who seek a flashy, custom look to people who drive family vehicles with aging paint that could use refreshing.

2. Interior Vinyl Wraps – One of the more popular trends is to wrap wood grain vehicle interiors with colours and textures like matte black, carbon fibre or brushed aluminum.

3. Custom Colours – Beyond the ever-expanding colour pallete of 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080, this year, customers have additional options. The new 3M™ Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900 modify colours with texture to create custom ideas like a red carbon fibre or a bright blue with a brushed metal appearance.

4. Clear Protection – Some car owners simply want to protect the original paint finish on their vehicles. 3M’s Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series is an ideal solution for this.

5. Visualize Results – Online tools, like the 3M Customizer, help people get an idea of what wrapping their vehicle will look like. RESTYLE-IT’s version launches this year and includes further customization including blacked-out wheels and tint.

stretching a car wrap

Top question from auto show goers: How much does a vinyl vehicle wrap cost?

We would be remiss if we did not address the most common question about vehicle wraps: cost.  Selivanov said people at the auto show were surprised to find wrapping a vehicle is an affordable way to refresh and personalize it.

“As a general guideline, we would say to have RESTYLE-IT install a full vehicle wrap is approximately half the cost of a quality paint job, but of course, that depends on each client’s unique needs.”

Given the dramatic shift in colours available (from 20 to over 80 in the past five years), and the growing consumer trend to customize people’s belongings from cell phones to cars, it’s expected Canadians will continue to use vehicle wraps to express themselves throughout 2016 and beyond.


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