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October 27, 2015 3M Canada

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Hello and Bonjour!

Welcome and Bienvenue – to the 3M Science Centre – your digital destination to explore the many ways that 3M science is applied to life.

This is a place to read in-depth articles, download resources and become immersed in inspiration as we highlight how science and technology can enhance your business and improve your life.

At the 3M Science Centre you can:

  • Leverage the insights of our Industry Experts, as we showcase the real-life experiences of those who are working in the field.
  • Get up to speed on the topics that your peers are talking about in our short and snappy Trending section.
  • Swim in the deep-end of knowledge by exploring the diversity of 3M Science, which covers everything from how a technology works to why it works, and why it may work for you.

No matter where you live and work, from outer space to underground, there is a world of inspiration waiting to be uncovered, so you can do what you do best. Better than you ever have before.


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