The importance of dust extraction in auto body shops.

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It's important to acknowledge that certain products marketed as HEPA-filters are often not genuine HEPA filters. Product labels like "HEPA-like" or "HEPA-style" try to capitalize on the high standard of genuine HEPA filters without initiating official testing at independent institutions to back up these claims. This can cause confusion for consumers and shop owners who are purchasing such products. In order to avoid purchasing a substandard product, purchasers can ask manufacturers for a copy of the HEPA filter test certificate. Taking HEPA filters to the next level. Although a product might be a certified HEPA filter, it is not guaranteed to be high quality. Festool takes the quality standards of HEPA filters even further than required by testing standards. This means that Festool product filters and total unit "extractors" have undergone testing to extremely strict standards (IES RP-CC-002, IES-RP-CC-0034.1 by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology). 10 The company believes that in addition to having top notch HEPA filters, it's important to make sure their products are constructed well enough that dust doesn't escape from an extractor before it even reaches the HEPA filter. Festool proudly holds a "Full unit HEPA certification" for their dust extractors. Dependable and trustworthy dust removal. Because Festool tools combine powerful extractors and customizable filters which are specifically designed with dust extraction in mind, they are trusted by vehicle repair workers for their reliability and ability to execute expert craftsmanship. Combined with 3M auto care products and personal protective equipment, workers can operate with pride and peace of mind. Learn more at This article was created by Festool in partnership with 3M Canada. 10; downloaded at 09/06/2020. 3M and 3M Science. Applied to Life. are trademarks of 3M. Used under license in Canada. Please recycle. © 2020, 3M. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 2008-18075-E

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