3M Solutions: The Secret to Long-Lasting Floor Shine

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3M Solutions: The Secret to Long-Lasting Floor Shine The Situation Every day the floors at one of Ontario's well known post-secondary institutions receive heavy foot traffic from its roughly 18,000 students and staff. Especially during winter months, shiny floors were difficult to maintain, and salt stains added to the challenge. When speaking about their previous floor protection system, Dan Vartanian, Facilities Manager, expressed "After 6 weeks, the floors would look like you had never protected them. The shine was gone, and it looked worn again. It was our biggest frustration." Each night, facility staff were doing nightly cleaning with red pads and periodic burnishing to increase shine. To maintain the floors' shine, facility staff were stripping and recoating floors three times a year. 3M Solutions and Results Vartanian and his team decided to switch from the competitive stone floor protection system they were using to the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System. This system allows you to help create long-lasting, high- traction shine that resists scuffs, stains and scratches. This enables you to have durable floors that require less stripping and scrubbing which reduces chemical use and labour. Since implementing the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System, the Institute has seen its labour time for stripping and recoating reduced significantly versus labour time required for the competitive system they were previously using. The 3M system allowed facility's staff to strip and recoat the floors in one night shift, and they haven't recoated since the initial install three years ago. "3M products have allowed us to increase productivity so we can reinvest the time back into the facility on additional projects that elevate the aesthetic of the buildings. That makes everyone happy!" said Vartanian. The 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System also eliminated salt staining from the floors, which was a major challenge for the post-secondary institution when they were using a competitive floor finish. The biggest benefit of converting to the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System, in Vartanian's eyes, is that the floors throughout the Institution still look shiny and brand new three years later, having a positive effect on the facility's overall appearance and cleanliness. Vartanian and his team receive constant feedback from the President, visitors and other officials on how great the Institute looks. "Our facilities are recognized

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