Braces that make you want to smile.

April 20, 2017 3M Canada

girl with ceramic braces

The perfect smile.

These three simple words can be stressful for many. Including Georgia, who felt that her “crooked teeth” were holding her back.

“I noticed that people would stare at my teeth once I started speaking, which made me feel that it was never appropriate to smile,” says Georgia.

At the age of 19, she made the decision to straighten her teeth and correct her bite.

A clear choice for her orthodontic solution.

When it came time to choosing an orthodontic solution, Georgia did her research. She compared ceramic braces vs. metal braces, investigated retainer options and alternatives for Invisalign®, read reviews about clear braces, and talked to friends about their experiences.

“After doing plenty of research, my heart was set on Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces,” Georgia explains. “I wanted to have braces that were clear…I fell in love with the invisibility and discreetness of the Clarity™ Brand.”

For Georgia, there were three key reasons the Clarity™ Brand stood out:

  • Translucent – blends with the natural tooth colour
  • Stain and discolouration resistant – won’t yellow
  • Less bulky than traditional metal braces – comfortable dome-shaped design

Why Georgia’s braces made her smile.

Georgia had Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces for roughly nine and a half months. During that time she felt like they were “unnoticeable”.

“I was not afraid to smile when I had these braces. I felt like myself. I loved that they were invisible, comfortable, and easy to clean and take care of,” says Georgia.

“Hardly anyone noticed that I had them. I was able to fix my crooked, offset smile, all while feeling like myself, and being more than happy to smile – I loved how free they made me feel.”

And, today, she continues to smile with confidence.


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