Global design leader forecasts trends for 2017.

November 17, 2016 3M Canada


In the competitive world of architectural design, how do you stay ahead of new styles and emerging trends? You ask an expert.

Byron Trotter leads future concept and design creation for architectural finishes at 3M. He travels the world in search of the latest design trends and adapts them for 3M’s surface technologies.

Byron designs @byron_designs

This year, Beijing, Milan and New York were just a few of the cities he explored for design solution inspiration.

What can you expect to see in 2017? Byron shares his round-up of the best to come.

The design vision for 2017

Exploration will be a reoccurring theme in this year’s design trends, Byron explains.

“During the recession a few years back, interiors that had to be remodeled went very sterile and clean to avoid looking like too much money was being spent,” he says. “Getting away from these ‘bare basics’ is a sign that we’re over that moment and moving into a more optimistic period of time.”

The top 5 design trends for 2017

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According to Byron, this year’s design vision will take shape across five key looks:

  1. Raw / Untreated / Artisanal: Celebrate nature’s random imperfections. Incorporate wholesome materials like concrete, ceramic glazes and stone within your design for an organic feel.
  2. Matte + Gloss: Opposites attract. Honour this notion by combining contrasting surfaces in the same space.
  3. ‘Luxe’ Chic: This trend is all about adding drama. Comparable to a reinvented “supper club” yet with vibrant colours and exotic custom made patterns or onsite art installations.
  4. Metals, Metals, Metals!: Bronze, brass or copper bring a sense of sophistication and can be paired with complimentary earth tone materials like wood and natural fabrics.
  5. Uber Zen: Flood your space with one ethereal colour. Add accents that reflect the palate yet vary in texture or medium of the overall tone.

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