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December 7, 2016 3M Canada


Fires are devastating.

While many assume flames cause the most damage, those in construction know smoke and toxic gases can be just as dangerous. Unsealed or open joints, walls, service penetrations, pipe penetrations, ducts, doors, and windows can form a dangerous fast-track to help smoke and toxic gases spread.

Firestop technologies have become a critical component of any new build. But putting these systems into place on the construction site can be complex. The shapes and sizes of gaps, as well as the materials used, rarely look the same on-site as they do on paper.

How do you know you’re applying the right product correctly?

Firestop expertise – anytime, anywhere

When you’re responsible for protecting people and property, mistakes are not an option. But with tight project timelines, you also can’t afford to wait for an expert to troubleshoot every issue. You need answers on-the-spot.

The 3M Fire Protection System Selector helps you find the listings and 3M products you need to help keep your job on-schedule and up to code.

Simply select the type of fire protection system you need – through penetration, joint, or wrap – and the type of assembly. The tool will instantly serve up the applicable listings, specifications, and supporting products. If you can’t find the listing you need, you can submit a request for an engineering judgment without ever leaving the tool.

3M Fire protection system selector

Proven to protect people and property

For decades 3M has continued to create new 3M products and technologies that have led the fire protection industry, including putties, caulkings, firestop systems, and protection wraps.

3M is also a recognized leader in firestop training. Over the past 20 years, more than 5,000 code officials, architects, contractors and firestop professionals have completed in-person training at the corporate headquarters, combining classroom learning and hands-on training. Digital modules, called e-Train, also provide education on everything from the basics of firestopping to system nomenclature and detailed installation techniques.

Try the 3M Fire Protection System Selector today

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