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Corporate volunteering: giving back as a sponsored employee.

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Giving back has always been important to me.

From organizing a knitting club at a retirement home, to coaching at an after-school program, I invest a lot of time in supporting my community.  As I’ve grown in my career, I’ve learned it’s very important that my employer shares the same values.

That’s why I’m incredibly proud to work at 3M.

3M has always shown me that giving back to the community is a top priority. Through 3Mgives, the company’s foundation responsible for stewarding corporate social responsibility, the company actively invests in the communities where we live and work.

I was fortunate to be 3M Canada’s most recent sponsored employee to the United Way Elgin Middlesex. It was an unforgettable experience, where I was able to gain as much as I gave back. Here’s how I got involved and some of the highlights from my time there.

How I became a sponsored employee.

In my time at 3M, I have jumped at every opportunity to volunteer.

I knew 3M Canada had long been a supporter of the United Way and their work across the country. I had spoken to some of our previous sponsored employees, and I had heard great things from other volunteers around the city. That’s when I decided to apply.

After getting the support of our HR team and my supervisors, I was approved. In August, I started my 16-week, full-time position on the fundraising team for United Way Elgin Middlesex.

My experience volunteering in the community.

As a sponsored employee, 3M basically loaned me to United Way to assist them during their peak campaign season.

I still got paid as a full-time 3M employee, but I had the chance to work with sponsored employees from 15 other companies – not to mention the hundreds of organizations running United Way campaigns.

I was assigned to several of these community partners as their key point of contact for anything campaign-related. This includes organizing fundraisers or giving presentations on the impact of their support. I also helped support the 3M Harvest Lunch, the Scotiabank StairClimb, and other major events.

The impact of volunteering: beyond my placement.

It takes a very special kind of corporate citizen to recognize the value of corporate social responsibility.

In my time at 3M, I have seen an active and authentic investment in nurturing healthy communities around us. As an employee, knowing that I’m encouraged to give back creates an overwhelming “feel good” culture and makes me incredibly proud to work here.

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About the Author

[enBio=Since joining 3M Canada, Laura Nelligan has been a rising star in the Strategic Sourcing team. In her role, Laura acts as a key liaison to both the company’s vendors, helping to build partnerships and steward good, ethical business. She is a well-known advocate for volunteerism, and has helped spearhead many community initiatives through 3Mgives.],[enJob=Sponsored employee by 3M at United Way Elgin Middlesex],[frBio=Depuis qu’elle s’est jointe à 3M Canada, Laura Nelligan a été une étoile montante au sein de l’équipe d’approvisionnement stratégique. Dans son rôle, Laura agit à titre de principale agente de liaison pour les fournisseurs de l’entreprise, aidant à créer des partenariats et à assurer de bonnes pratiques commerciales éthiques. Elle est reconnue pour militer en faveur du bénévolat et a contribué au lancement de plusieurs initiatives communautaires par l’entremise de 3MDonne.],[frJob=Employée de 3M parrainée par Centraide Elgin Middlesex]

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