How to help save surfaces from the daily grind.

August 18, 2016 3M Canada

airport floor

You’ll wonder where the wear went

When you tackle a job, you put pride into your work.

There’s nothing better than knowing that each surface you set out to clean will be left looking and feeling better than before.

Considering the amount of care and effort you put into your work, there can be nothing more frustrating than those damaged and worn areas that refuse to look clean.

From hand sanitizer stained tiles and backsplashes, to hardwood with deep grooves from repeated chair movements, these areas are a commercial cleaner’s nightmare. No matter how hard you work, these areas seem impossible.

So how do you work smarter, not harder to correct these dreaded trouble zones?

Work Smarter: Scotchgard™ Surface Protection Film 2200

Scotchgard™ Surface Protection Film 2200 is a protective film for high traffic and high wear floors and surfaces so they may be protected – and it’s safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces, including marble, waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, ceramic tile and terrazzo.

Top 5 ways to take advantage of Scotchgard™ Surface Protection Film 2200: Apply Scotchgard™ Surface Protection Film 2200 to…

1. Bathroom floors and surfaces to prevent discolouration from soap, hand sanitizer, and more.

bathrooms scotchbrite demonstration

2. Office and classroom floors to eliminate scuff marks from desk chairs and other furniture.

office scotchgard demonstration

3. Floors in wheel chair and stretcher loading areas to prevent scuff marks in healthcare facilities.

wheel chair scotchbrite demonstation

4. Walls in pediatric waiting rooms, day cares, and classrooms to protect them from children’s drawings.

child in hospital surface protection demonstration

5. High foot traffic areas, such as cafeteria lines, retail aisles, and airport security lines, to minimize wear and tear of the floors.

cafeteria scotchgard demonstration

To apply the film, clean the surface you want to protect with 3M™ Easy Trap – Sweep and Dust Sheets, peel the backing off the adhesive and apply the film to the floor. You can apply the film with the surface either wet or dry. The film also removes cleanly from a wide variety of surfaces, including marble, waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, ceramic tile, and terrazzo.

* Keep in mind that if removed, the film may strip paint off walls.

Are you interested in protecting your surfaces?

Request a sample now.


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