Choosing a pathogen testing system your lab can trust.

June 26, 2017 Angela Wiesel

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There’s no cutting corners when it comes to food microbiology testing.

At Integrated Explorations Inc., our food microbiology team is dedicated to providing rapid pathogen testing services to producers of meat, dairy, nut and soy products. We take our role in the food safety chain very seriously.

Our clients need accurate results, but they’re often working against tight timelines. To accommodate their needs for rapid results they can trust, we source the best technology in the industry.

That’s why we use the 3M™ Molecular Detection System.

Four considerations for a pathogen testing system

In our business, the stakes are high. Accurate food safety testing results not only impact our clients, but also their customers.

Our lab tests food for multiple bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms – from lactic acid and E.coli, to anaerobic plate counts and kill time.

To continue to deliver the results our clients expect from us, my team of microbiologists needed four key capabilities:

  1. Speed: providing rapid results
  2. Accuracy: simplifying and streamlining complex testing procedures with consistently reliable results
  3. Support: backed by experts who can help us troubleshoot issues
  4. Affordability: delivering efficiency without creating a lot of waste, or breaking the bank for our clients

After reviewing the options on the market, the 3M™ Molecular Detection System was the logical choice.

How a combination of unique technologies answered our needs

The 3M™ Molecular Detection System delivered on all our needs, across the board:

  • pathogen testing is completed in real time
  • the combination of Isothermal DNA Amplification and Bioluminescence Detection helps reduce repetitive tasks – mitigating the risk for human error
  • the self-detection feature alerts the lab technician if there’s a malfunction or failure
  • doesn’t create a lot of waste – making it a more affordable pathogen testing option
  • 3M responds quickly to our inquiries with solutions

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About the Author

Angela Wiesel

[enBio=Angela has been a food microbiologist for over 15 years. A strong proponent in continuous education, she encourages her staff to stay current with the most effective and efficient processes in food testing because as an investigative laboratory her team plays a critical role in Canada’s food safety chain],[enJob=Laboratory Manager, Integrated Explorations Inc.],[frBio=Angela travaille comme microbiologiste depuis plus de 15 ans. Fervente promotrice de l’éducation continue, elle encourage son personnel à rester au fait des procédures les plus efficaces en matière d’analyse des aliments, car, en tant que laboratoire d’investigation, son équipe joue un rôle essentiel dans la chaîne de sécurité alimentaire au Canada.],[frJob=Chef de laboratoire, Integrated Explorations Inc.]

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