Kitty Leung

[enBio=Kitty is a materials engineer with a background in aerospace. A problem solver at heart, Kitty leans on a deep understanding of her customers to help them with new designs, productivity gains, and mapping assembly processes. She’s also passionate about ensuring the next generation of engineers are equipped to help solve tomorrow’s problems. Kitty is a mentor to 3M interns and enjoys speaking to students across the country about where a STEM degree can take them.],[enJob=Senior Application Development Engineer, 3M Canada],[frBio=Kitty est une ingénieure des matériaux ayant une expérience en aérospatiale. Experte en résolution de problèmes, Kitty se base sur son excellente connaissance de ses clients pour les guider vers les nouveaux modèles, les gains de productivité et le mappage des processus d’assemblage.],[frJob=Ingénieure principale en développement d’applications, Compagnie 3M Canada]