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Troubleshooting 5 common problems electricians face.

issues electricians face

Every time you complete a job, you want to walk away knowing you’ve done it right and that it will last. But there are issues electricians face daily that can threaten “a job well done.”

Troubleshooting common electrical problems starts with understanding where those challenges lie – what’s at the heart of them – and then equipping your toolbox accordingly. The good news is that there’s often a simple, effective fix.

Here are the toolbox essentials I recommend to help overcome five of the most common issues electricians face, while helping you save time and keep safety, quality, and reliability a primary focus.

Electrical troubleshooting – Five simple how-tos.

  1. Cold temperatures. Winter weather conditions can cause your electrical tape to crack or break. You need to trust that your electrical tape will be durable and resilient in the face of cold weather. I recommend Scotch® Professional Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88. This all-weather, vinyl insulating tape can be applied easily in temperatures as low as -18°C.  It also exhibits excellent mechanical and abrasion resistance – helping to protect your work from UV rays, scratches, moisture, copper corrosion, alkalis and acids.
  2. Over-stripped wires. Over-stripped wires are a shock hazard. You need wire connectors that are designed to help protect you and your clients. I suggest 3M™ Performance Plus Wire Connector to help insulate the connection. This toolbox essential has a flexible skirt that helps keep over-stripped wires covered.
  3. Void-free insulating. If your work isn’t insulated properly, in medium voltage (MV) applications (through 69kV), you run a risk of having partial discharging. This occurs when air voids form within layers. In my expert opinion, Scotch® 130C Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape should be a go-to tool for void-free build-up and moisture protection. It’s also designed to provide excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat. And, unlike other rubber tapes, it doesn’t have a liner, which helps make it easier and quicker to use.
  4. Longevity. Some electrical tapes can break or fall off, leaving exposed wires. To help keep your work securely covered I recommend Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape. The combination of the elastic backing and the 3M adhesive technology helps provide resistance to stressors, such as abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, corrosion and varying weather conditions – helping to ensure your hard work is long-lasting.
  5. Stains from wire lubricant. Wire lubricants can stain your working station – which means you have a mess to clean up. You can help minimize clean time by choosing a stain-free wire lubricant. I suggest 3M™ Spray Wire Pulling Lubricant. It’s an easy-to-apply, non-staining, high-performance liquid cable-pulling lubricant. The spray bottle format is also good for hard-to-reach areas and it helps keeps your hands lubricant-free.

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