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Three easy steps to master your holiday gift wrapping.

Holiday gift wrapping tips

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be stressful.

However, going the extra mile and sending a thoughtful card or gift can help show your family and friends how much you care. Whether your wrapping skills match those of a holiday elf, or you’re just starting out, these gift wrapping tips will help you craft the perfect present.

Step one: wrap like a pro.

When it comes to spreading cheer this holiday season, how you wrap your gift can be just as important as the contents. Start by choosing a wrapping paper that you know the recipient will like, such as one that uses their favourite colour, pattern, or decorating style.

Next, wrap the present following these step-by-step instructions. To help ensure that your wrapping skills don’t go to waste, secure the paper tightly with Scotch™ GiftWrap Tape. This satin-finish gift wrap tape is easy to dispense, sticks securely, and virtually disappears on most types of wrapping paper, so you can use as much as you need to make it look flawless. It also resists yellowing and drying out and is perfect for those who like to get their holiday shopping and wrapping done early.How to wrap a Christmas gift

Step two: add a fun twist.

Once your gift is wrapped, use ribbons, homemade gift tags, Scotch™ Expressions™ Glitter Tape, or even a 3D holly gift topper to give your present some personality. Secure these festive additions with Scotch™ Magic™ Tape. This moisture-resistant and secure tape will help ensure that bows and ribbons stay on the present and off of the floor.

Scotch™ Magic™ Tape is also safe on all types of surfaces, so you can attach a card without damaging the paper. Didn’t have time to buy a card? This tape is easy to write on with pen, pencil, or marker – simply stick a small piece to the wrapping paper and write who it’s for.Personalize your holiday gift wrapping

Step three: ship your gift in style.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect gift and shown off your wrapping expertise, it’s time to send your present. If the gift is large or heavy, place it in a box and seal it securely with Scotch™ Shipping Tape. It is ideal for light-to-medium duty packaging applications and will help keep your gift secure as it’s shipped.

If your present is smaller, use Scotch™ Flex & Seal to help eliminate the need for unnecessarily large boxes and fillers, while also reducing shipping costs. The water and tear resistant outer film and the cushion layers will help keep your item secure, no matter how far it has to travel. Short on time? Simply wrap your small gift in some tissue paper, cut the Scotch™ Flex & Seal pouch to size, leaving a border around the outside, fold it over, and press the edges together. It’s that simple!

Want to make your holiday decorating even more special?

Once you start receiving holiday cards and photos from your friends and family, show them off by sticking them to your mantle or creating a photo gallery on the wall using Scotch™ Wall-Safe Tape. It holds securely, is safe for use on a variety of surfaces, and it won’t damage your photos or cards when you take them down after the holidays. Also, if the present you’re giving contains a Christmas card or photo, include some of this tape so the recipient can display it in their house too.

Try out these tips and enter the Scotch™ Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest by visiting this page.

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