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The United Way 3M Harvest Lunch: solving our community’s problems.

3M gives volunteers

The old adage is true. A good meal can bring people together. The United Way 3M Harvest Lunch connects our community by enjoying lunch together while learning about the problems that exist and how we can make an impact.

For one day, our team of 3Mgives volunteers harness their collective energy into hosting this event that attracts hundreds of hungry people who want to make a difference. Our volunteers make it all happen. They come into the arena at the crack of dawn, set up the tables, ensure food is ready for the lunch-time rush, and make sure that every detail of the event runs seamlessly.

At 3M, we are working every day around the world to improve lives through science. Our commitment to the United Way across Canada is another avenue in which we hope to improve lives by volunteering and giving back to our communities.

Hunger, vulnerable youth, and homelessness are not just someone else’s problems, they’re our problems. Supporting agencies like the United Way is a way we can lift people out of poverty or give them a chance in improving their education, securing their future.

"I love to come out and support the community at the Harvest Lunch because it's a great opportunity for us to recognize everything the United Way does for the community." – Linda Doerr, Channel Sales Leader, Medical Solutions Division, 3M Canada.

Here’s why we do it.

Why we support the United Way.

We believe supporting the United Way is important in creating lasting change that will help build healthier, more sustainable communities. From providing services for mental health or creating opportunities for our children and youth, the United Way helps people build their best possible life. When we can all be successful as individuals, we create a stronger community as a whole.

“I feel fortunate and I feel a lot of us at 3M are fortunate to have the jobs that we do and live the lives that we do. I think that coming from sort of a privileged place, it's important to give your time and fundraise when you can.” – Laura Nelligan, Sourcing Agent, 3M Canada.

We are engaged in a national campaign that encourages employees across the country to donate to support their local communities. One example of this is a dozen 3M volunteers from Mississauga who participated in a “Show your local love day”. Our volunteers help out at a food kitchen and food bank in Brampton and it was an eye-opening experience to see the need in their community for a warm meal and shelter.

“One of the biggest impacts of the day was hearing from a single mother who ended up having to raise her two children alone. In an effort to keep them fed and taken care of, she went without meals herself and was eventually hospitalized for malnourishment. It was really incredible to hear her story and appreciate the work that the agency is doing in people's lives!  As we returned back to work at 3M, we all shared a new perspective of how lucky we are.” - Mamta Kohli, Logistics Coordinator, 3M Canada.

To learn more about our community initiatives, visit our 3MGives page here. Sign up for our newsletter with the form below to stay in touch about our community initiatives.


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[enBio=Gregg began his career at 3M Canada in 1997 and is the Director of Human Resources at the company. Deeply passionate about issues that affect our community and organization, Gregg takes a keen interest in supporting initiatives that bring about a positive impact in the lives of people. He also specializes in driving sustainable, profitable growth and led the company through an ERP deployment.],[enJob=Director of Human Resources],[frBio=Gregg a débuté sa carrière au sein de 3M Canada en 1997 et est présentement le directeur des ressources humaines de l’entreprise. Passionné par les problèmes qui touchent notre communauté et l’entreprise, Gregg s’intéresse de près aux initiatives qui ont une incidence positive sur la vie des gens. Il se spécialise également dans la croissance durable et rentable et a dirigé l’entreprise lors du déploiement du système PRE.],[frJob=Directeur des ressources humaines]

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