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A 3M STEM internship journey begins.

Intern in the lab

Excitement. Nervousness. Curiosity.

These were just a few emotions going through Emmett’s mind as he learned of his successful bid to become the 3M™ VHB™ Tape Extreme Labs Research Scientist Intern.

We took the Extreme Labs experience on the road in 2015 and met hundreds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students who applied for a chance to be an intern at 3M. After going through rigorous screening and interview process, Emmett emerged as the successful candidate.

Emmett in the Lab

The First Day of a STEM internship at 3M Canada

When Emmett, 22, first walked through the doors of the 3M Canada facility in London, Ont., he was not sure what to expect. He said he was nervous because this was going to be his first industry experience. But all of that quickly changed.

“I was really impressed with how collaborative everything was,” he said. “Everyone is willing to help out and get you started. They want your success as much as you want to succeed yourself.”

At 3M Canada, Emmett said, he has had a chance to learn, explore and develop his interest in science.

“What you will be doing here is not going to be like anything what you have experienced in academia,” he said.

Every day, every experiment is a chance to grow more than the last for Emmett during this internship. It is something that keeps him interested and excited.

How 3M Extreme Labs and Higher Education is Helping to Kick-Start a STEM Career

Now a recent graduate of the engineering physics program at Queen’s University, Emmett said being the Extreme Labs intern has given him important insights into the industry. He plans to use this experience to determine what’s next for him.

But, for now, Emmett encourages students looking for a passion for innovation and an eye for a challenge to explore internship options at 3M.

“It really is figuring out what I want to do and it’s also helping me gain skills potentially that in the future I will use again,” he said.


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