Rising to the challenges facing your medical device reprocessing department.

February 2, 2016 3M Canada

Rising to the challenges facing your medical device reprocessing department.

3M Sterilization Products Put Confidence in Your Hands

Take a look around any Reprocessing Department in Canada, and you will find caring and diligent people, working around the clock to ensure patient safety in an increasingly complex and challenging field.

If you’re one of these dedicated staff members, you know you’re facing a delicate balancing act each and every day: How do you keep up with the demand for quick device sterilization turnarounds while still ensuring that you’re raising the bar on patient safety?

Medical Device Reprocessing departments are faced with greater challenges than ever

Whether you’re a hospital administrator, department manager or a medical device reprocessing technician, you face a variety of challenges that are no small feat to overcome.

Not only is there pressure to streamline operations, cut costs, and ensure that policies and procedures reflect current standards, you’re also working towards further reducing the risks of surgical site infections.

Working hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals in the OR, patient safety is always at the top of your mind –it’s central to everything you do.

Taking a comprehensive approach to achieving medical instrument sterilization goals

Starting from the time you receive the instruments for reprocessing to the time they arrive back in the operating room, there’s a structured process to follow and each and every step requires a different product.  You need assurance that the pack you’ve processed is sterile before it leaves your department.

While there’s a lot to consider, at the core of your department’s strategy for achieving assurance in your processes should be a solid plan for:

  • Monitoring
  • Record keeping
  • Continuous education for staff, and;
  • Technical support.

3M Canada – partnering with Reprocessing Departments for over 30 years

As a global leader in the manufacture, supply and innovation of biological and chemical indicators for sterilization monitoring, 3M has contributed new technologies and techniques that are helping reprocessing departments.

In fact, from the high volume of large facilities to the special needs of outpatient surgery centres and primary care clinics, 3M has been helping reprocessing departments achieve their goals and reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections for over 30 years.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you tackle the tough issues facing your department, 3M can help you craft a personalized and comprehensive approach with tools and technologies for monitoring, record keeping, continuing education and technical support from experienced personnel with backgrounds in microbiology, chemistry and other related disciplines.

Technical support from medical device sterilization experts

Staffed with experienced personnel with backgrounds in microbiology, chemistry and other related disciplines, the 3M Canada technical and sales support team provide direct support to customers.

Drawing from extensive experience in sterilization, they are not only experts on product-related issues but also problem solvers with the clinical understanding and knowledge of relevant standards to help you rally the resources required to get your questions answered.

Learn more about how 3M Canada can help your department today

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