How one sign industry leader is improving road safety.

February 9, 2017 3M Canada

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Canada’s largest road sign manufacturer is urging Canadians to invest in better traffic signs for public safety.

Despite major advancements in traffic safety, road traffic continues to be a leading cause of death in Canada. The World Health Organization projects that, by 2030, road traffic will be the fifth largest cause of fatalities–surpassing both AIDS and tuberculosis.1

That’s why Alberta Traffic Supply (ATS), one of the country’s most prominent and long-standing traffic safety authorities, is hoping to start a conversation about road safety in Canada.

Taking action for traffic sign safety

With more than 300 employees, ATS is Canada’s largest traffic sign manufacturer and traffic control product specialist. Over their 50-year history they have helped drive dramatic improvement in traffic safety sign technology and practices.

“We are passionate about making Canada’s roads as safe as possible,” says Bobby Cantera, CEO of ATS Traffic.

 Science supports better signage: A distinct correlation exists between sign brightness and a driver’s ability to comprehend the sign’s message. Comprehension directly relates to reaction time, which can mean the difference between safely navigating a certain roadway environment or being in an accident. One study found that where brighter, more visible signs were installed, crash numbers fell by 25 to 46 percent over three to six-year period.

Road sign creation

Improving road safety through premium products

For ATS, exceptional quality is critical to creating brighter, more visible signs. That is why, since the company’s inception, they have relied on 3M™ Reflective Sheeting products. Today, they use 3M reflective sheeting products in every single sign they manufacture.

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting, for example, is made with “full cube” technology that helps traffic signs return almost 60 percent of available light – nearly double that of traditional prismatics. On the road, this can mean the difference between safely navigating certain roadway conditions or the possibility of a collision.

“A partnership with 3M ensures that ATS can set the pace in traffic and safety, and fulfill our mission of getting people home safely and on time every day,” Cantera says.

Learn more.

To learn more about 3M™ Reflective Sheeting for traffic signs, please fill in the form here.


*3M Data on file

1.  Vision Zero. Traffic related fatalities are one of the leading causes of death. 2016

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