Why 3M™ Vinyl Electrical Tape can take the cold.

February 2, 2016 3M Canada

cold weather conditions

It’s been said that if you can’t stand the heat, you should get out of the kitchen – but when it comes to your electrical tape, if it can’t take the cold, it should be tossed from the toolbox.

After all, this is Canada – and to know Canadian weather is know what it is to be cold. An electrician’s work doesn’t stop just because the mercury is falling, and these seasoned Canadian electricians can attest to that. Just listening to them recount their tales of cold weather work is enough to give you chills.

How to select electrical tape for cold weather conditions

There are many factors to consider when you prepare for working in freezing conditions – what to wear for warmth and safety, and what tools to bring are key decisions that can make or break your project.

So when it comes to electrical tape selection – how do you avoid the dreaded freeze out? The cracking, frozen stiff, non-sticking conundrum of frozen electrical tape?

Quality tape can make all the difference when it comes to a job well-done.

While the science behind 3M’s electrical tape must remain a secret – great quality is at the heart of how the tape performs so well in both hot and cold conditions.

Choosing quality electrical tape for cold weather

“You should know that Scotch® Super 33+™ and Scotch® Super 88 Professional Grade Vinyl Electrical Tapes aren’t called ‘super’ for nothing.”

Just look at the pliability, integrity and strength evident in this stretch test.

Super88 Stretch Test

From vinyl tapes and beyond- 3M™ offers a wide selection of electrical tape

From Scotch® Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape to Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C to Scotch® 69 High Temperature Glass Cloth Tape, 3M offers a wide range of electrical tapes and mastics for insulation, splicing, protection from corrosion and mechanical damage, all weather protection and environmental sealing.

For more information, including where to buy, visit the 3M™ Electrical Tape page here.

Love free stuff? Click below to learn more about a 3M™ Vinyl Electrical Tape contest, request a free sample of Scotch® Super 88, and get social with 3M!

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