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How to improve public safety with live facial recognition.

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Today’s law-enforcement, border patrol, and security professionals face an increasingly difficult challenge. Providing reliable security in uncontrolled environments can seem like a nearly impossible task.

Recognizing faces in a crowd takes diligence. Identifying each one takes advanced technology. How do you uphold public safety in these dynamic, hectic environments?

Biometric technology and facial recognition are transforming what was once an impossible public security challenge into a daily procedure.

Live facial recognition and biometric technology

Biometric technology has already changed the way we design security systems. Now, facial recognition is the next step in increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of public safety programs.

As a market leader in this space, 3M has leveraged this technology to create a video-based facial recognition system. The 3M™ Live Face Identification System captures and matches faces in real time, allowing users to spot a problem before there is one. It is designed to recognize faces in a crowd automatically – even in dynamic, hectic environments – and can also be integrated with a wide-range of video equipment.

This means speed, accuracy, scalability and customization – turning seemingly impossible public security challenges into a daily procedure.

Who should use a biometric security system?

Whether supporting public security initiatives or working to identify a suspect at large, 3M™ Live Face Identification System provides confidence and efficiency to a wide range of security teams and vertical markets.

This includes public sector officials, like law enforcement and border agents. It is also well-suited to use in the commercial and private security industry. The system’s live facial recognition technology helps secure spaces like casinos, sport stadiums, banks, and cruise line boarding areas.

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