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How to: 3 critical electrical construction installations.

electrical construction

Your reputation hinges on the quality of your install.

Electrical construction standards are there for a reason – your customers and the public need to trust that the scope of work is completed with the highest safety and reliability standards. However, electrical construction technologies are constantly evolving and projects are becoming increasingly more complex.

My colleagues Mario DeAgazio, Paolo Rocca and I often train and retrain electricians, linesmen, and engineers because it is vital to remain up-to-date with the installation application steps.

We identified three critical installations that every electrical professional should know and created step-by-step videos on the installation process.

The three installations we identified were:

  1. installing a medium voltage splice with a shearbolt connector
  2. installing a motor lead splice
  3. installing a molded t-body                                                            

Here’s our how-to video series:

Watch: How to install a medium voltage splice with a shearbolt connector.

Expert quick facts:

Expert tips/advice:

  • cable preparation is crucial
  • always follow kit instructions accurately

Watch: How to install a motor lead splice.

Expert quick facts:

  • When should you use 3M™ Motor Lead Pigtail Splice Kits? When splicing feeder cable to motor leads in a motor junction box. Instead of taping a pigtail connection (lugs bolted together) the 3M™ Motor Lead Pigtail Splice Kit can be used. It’s important to remember that motors get switched out frequently or taken out for repair.
  • Why are 3M™ Motor Lead Pigtail Splice Kits important? The motors that need to be replaced or moved for repair require an easy re-enterable and easy to disconnect connection. With 3M™ Motor Lead Pigtail Splice Kits you don’t have to struggle with cutting the old tape off or re-tape the new connection. They are easy to remove, install, and are reuseable.

Expert tips/advice:

  • use appropriate lugs and hardware compatible with the kit
  • create a bottom seal for moisture protection

Watch: How to install a molded T-Body.

Expert quick facts:

  • When should you use molded T-Body? You should use the Richard’s 600/900A molded T-Body when connecting to deadbreak apparatus bushings and when cost constraints are tight or if you already have some of the components for the application.
  • Why is the molded T-Body important? They provide a cost-effective industry compliant (IEEE 386) connection to deadfront switchgear, all the way up to 35kV.

Expert tips/advice:

  • take your time
  • use plenty of grease
  • do not twist the adapter or body as you install them
  • make sure you size the components appropriately, as the range taking window is very narrow

Have any questions about 3M electrical construction technologies? Or, looking for ways to optimize your electrical construction scope of work?


About the Author

[enBio=George Fofeldea works directly with 3M utility customers across Canada helping to solve project problems and concerns. This gives George unique intel to understanding trends, pain points, and industry needs. George has been a power engineer for over 27 years and in his career, he has watched the industry evolve. What he’s most excited about is seeing how new technologies such as renewable energy, vehicle electrification, grid automation, and modernization will continue to shape and transform the electrical and energy industry towards a bright-er and more exciting future by helping improve safety and reliability.],[enJob=Power Engineer, 3M Canada],[frBio=George Fofeldea travaille directement avec les clients des services publics de 3M partout au Canada pour les aider à résoudre les problèmes et à aborder les préoccupations qui surviennent dans le cadre de leurs projets. Cela permet à George de comprendre les tendances, les problèmes et les besoins de l’industrie. George est ingénieur électricien depuis plus de 27 ans et a assisté à l’évolution de l’industrie tout au long de sa carrière. Ce qui le passionne le plus, c’est la façon dont les nouvelles technologies, comme l’énergie renouvelable, l’électrification des véhicules, l’automatisation des réseaux et la modernisation continueront de façonner et de transformer le secteur de l’électricité et de l’énergie vers un avenir plus prometteur en améliorant la sécurité et la fiabilité.],[frJob=Ingénieur électricien, 3M Canada]

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