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How reflective sheeting put PEI’s pride on the road.

Prince Edward Island

Old licence plates can impact road safety. As licence plates age, they can fade and lose reflectivity. This makes it harder for drivers and law enforcement to see other motorists on the road – especially at night.

In Prince Edward Island, many of the provincial licence plates on the road were old, the design was dated, and they didn’t reflect the pride of this maritime province. The Government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) wanted to help improve their road safety by revamping their dated provincial licence plates.

That’s why they introduced a new design supported by reflective technology.

What happens when you add reflective sheeting to your design?

The current provincial licence plates where weathered, worn and faded. The province was also running low on their inventory, making it the right time to explore reissuing their provincial licence plate.

PEI assembled a small committee and worked collaboratively with a local artist on the design.

The committee chose to use 3M™ Reflective Licence Plate Sheeting – the original reflective sheeting technology – to emphasize their design. This technology allowed them to bring their design to life day or night and in inclement weather.

reflective sheeting

3M reflective sheeting technology offers three key benefits:

  • Visibility: The technology can help improve visibility to oncoming traffic by up to 700%.1
  • Safety: Drivers and law enforcement officials alike get the benefit of improved visibility from further away – no need to get up close and personal.2
  • Pride: Licence plates are a province’s calling card. High-quality product helps represent the province’s drivers in the best light.3

The community response to the new licence plates.

The province launched a campaign promoting the new PEI licence plates. They emphasized the impact on public safety, demonstrating the difference between the old licence plates and the new, fully reflective licence plates. They also used this time to showcase their new design.

The response was overwhelming:

  • 100% compliance rate4 – motorists lined up outside issuing offices to purchase the new licence plates some of which weren’t even up for renewal yet.
  • Award nomination – the new licence plate for PEI was nominated for “Best Licence Plate” by the Automobile Licence Plate Collectors Association.
  • Conservation benefits – during the launch of the new licence plates, the government of PEI introduced a new series of conservation plate designs with a $10 initial fee and an ongoing, annual $10 fee. All the money collected from these fees went to the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund.

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