Getting prepared for the automotive assembly boom.

July 19, 2016 3M Canada

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From Heat Resistance to Pinstripe Perfection, 3M Industrial Masking Tape has Automotive Manufacturers Covered

In automotive manufacturing and assembly, the seasons may change but one constant remains – it’s all about productivity.

Even in the days of summer shutdown, there is a steady buzz of activity as plants stock up on the supplies they’ll be leaning on in the fall when production ramps back up into overtime.

So if you’re looking forward to the autumn ‘boom,’ choosing the right masking tape can go a long way to ensure that production runs smoothly.

Automotive Production Season Sanity Saver: Masking Tape

With nearly endless applications, masking tape is like a mighty multi-tool in the hands of any automotive assembly workers. Able to help with tasks from painting, holding, bundling and identifying, this tape is an essential supply that helps many plants save their sanity come September.

Choosing an Industrial Masking Tape that’s just right

While the features and benefits of masking tapes are vast, finding the right one for your task is simple.

For the automotive industry, two tapes in particular truly stand out, thanks to their performance and suitability for the tasks that prevail in this demanding manufacturing environment.

3M™ Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+: applied to jobs between tough and typical

Select this tape when your industrial jobs are somewhere between essential and exacting.

3M™ Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+ is designed for tasks that are somewhere in the middle, including:

  • paint masking,
  • holding,
  • bundling,
  • and identifying.

3M™ Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+ uses a proprietary 3M solvent-free adhesive that adheres to most surface including metal, rubber, glass or plastic, and removes cleanly.

The strong yellow crepe-paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces, resists bleed through from most industrial paints and helps provide great paint lines.

Plus, this heat resistant tape can withstand temperatures up to 225°F (107°C) for up to 30 minutes.

3M™ Performance Green Masking Tape 401+: applied to paint jobs worth envying

If you’re looking for high performance masking that can help you to create super sharp paint lines, even for two-tone applications, look no further than 3M™ Performance Green Masking Tape 401+.

Perfect for paint jobs that require perfection, it sticks confidently, resists bleed-through, and removes cleanly in temperatures up to 121°C (250°F) (for up to 30 minutes).

Using 3M proprietary solvent-free adhesive, 3M™ High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+ sticks instantly and removes cleanly in one piece, on most surfaces such as:

  • metal
  • rubber
  • glass
  • plastic
  • EPDM type rubber moldings.

Given the above, it’s no wonder that this green crepe paper tape is known for its awesome abilities in critical paint masking applications for automotive, specialty vehicle, and industrial markets, where strong holding and high temp performance is required.

3M™ Performance Green Masking Tape 401+: High-Strength Crepe-Paper Tape

The high-strength crepe-paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces, resists bleed through from most industrial paint systems, improves visibility during the paint masking process, and helps you achieve super-sharp paint lines.

It’s an ideal tape for industrial painting, including two-tone colour applications on:

  • trucks
  • nuses
  • trailers
  • trains
  • fire trucks
  • ambulances
  • airplanes.

It is easy to tear, which aids in handling, yet it is strong enough to resist slivering, providing one piece removal. The tape is conformable for easy masking around corners, over contours and irregular surfaces.

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