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Find 360-degree clinical support for oral care clinics.

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How many times has this happened to you?:

  • You’ve done the same procedure over and over, but suddenly something isn’t working.
  • You’re trying a brand new product for the first time, and you’re second-guessing the technique.
  • You want to adopt a new technique but aren’t sure where to find training.
  • Your patient reveals an allergy. You need to know if your product will cause a reaction ASAP.
  • Your business is growing, and you’re not sure if you’re still getting the best value.

Predictable outcomes are critical to your work. In these moments of truth, you need to feel confident you can get answers – and quickly.

At 3M, we provide expert clinical product support whenever and however you need it. Our mission is to apply science to life; supporting our customers is in our DNA. Here are just a few of the resources available to you.

Customer Care: your dedicated “phone a friend.”

Have a question, but don’t know where to start? The Customer Care team is your one-stop-shop. Their job is to resolve your issue as soon as possible. If they can’t answer your question directly, they will triage you to our team of subject matter experts for specialized clinical product support.

Reach them over the phone at 1-888-363-3685 or through our online request form.

Field Sales Specialists: on-site support in your clinic.

We believe a local, face-to-face connection provides a deeper understanding of your business and your clinical needs – and brings more value to your practice. Our highly trained team of field sales specialists work side-by-side with you as partners. They are your portal to new product innovations, promotional offers, troubleshooting, and valuable services like checkMARC, a curing light testing service. They can even provide Lunch and Learns for your team.

Not sure who your local representative is? Ask Customer Care.

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Inside Sales: remote support for your clinic.

Working in tandem with your Field Sales Specialist, our Inside Sales Specialists are available to provide remote support to your account. These highly trained professionals bring the same expertise in products and procedures, without needing to schedule an on-site appointment.

Ready to meet your rep? Contact your Inside Sales Specialist now.

Looking for a quick reference for products and promotions? Visit the 3M Canada Oral Care website for product information, promotional offers, and more.

Scientific Affairs and Education: clinical product support from clinical experts.

From continuing education to your most complex clinical needs: meet our Scientific Affairs and Education team. These technical experts provide specialized product advice rooted in science and clinical experience – including engineering and dental hygiene. Count of them to give you confidence through application support, technique troubleshooting, and hands-on education.

Have a technical question? Get in touch.

Online and on-demand: clinical product education anytime, anywhere.

For product education on your terms, we offer a variety of online continuing education opportunities. We partner with key opinion leaders across Canada and around the world to bring you valuable clinical product advice. From the Bioclear Method to caries prevention, access educational resource to help you develop your practice and your skills.

Check out our full online offering through the 3M(sm) Health Care Academy.

Get more expert product advice to help grow your clinic.

Looking for more offers and advice for your clinic? Sign up for email communications from 3M Oral Care Solutions Division now.


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