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Expert tips: 5 criteria to choose a pathogen detection system.

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Whether you’re a Quality Assurance Analyst, Lab Technician, Purchasing Manager or related industry professional, your goals are to adhere to the highest standards and implement best practices. With a variety of pathogen detection systems available on the market, start with the following five criteria when deciding which is tailored to your specific needs:

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Doctor Ruby Lee, MSc, PhD, CQA, CHA and Senior Food Safety Specialist at NSF-GFTC, has suggested that these five criteria should be considered when deciding what pathogen detection system meets your needs.

1. Accuracy

False negative and false positive rates should be minimal. Always check Health Canada Guidelines in order to ensure that your pathogen detection system’s rates meet or exceed these guidelines.

2. Speed

The difference between minutes, hours and days to receive results affects how rapidly you decide to hold or release a product that is being tested or even how fast a recall can be announced to the public.

3. Ease of Use

  • Degree of automation
  • Number of medium preparations or hands-on transfers
  • Difference in protocols between tests. Similar protocols allow for easier training.

4. Economic Viability

  • Affordable initial hardware investment
  • Low consumables and maintenance costs
  • Hours of personnel training

5. Regulatory Approvals

Be sure the methods used in your laboratory have obtained regulatory approvals in the country of origin. If you are exporting, look for systems approved in the country of destination.

Considering the above 5 criteria when choosing the right pathogen detection system for you can help foster confidence and peace of mind

Focusing on the features of a pathogen detection system that ensures accuracy, speed, regulatory approval, ease of use and affordability will result in assurance of safe and quality food that leads to peace of mind for you, your customers and the public.

Interested in learning more about pathogen detection systems?
Dr. Ruby Lee shares her in-depth analysis in ‘Choosing the Right Pathogen Detection System for You’ in this article.

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