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From electrical apprentice to master of her own destiny.

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AnneMarie of Electrically Divine shares her experience and advice for those considering the electrical trade

As she preps for the task at hand, AnneMarie’s boot protector-clad feet work quickly as she jogs up and down the stairs, collecting the necessities that won’t fit into the heavy tool belt that’s slung around her waist.

“Welcome to being an electrician,” she says with a smile, before turning serious, sliding on a pair of safety glasses as she kneels to work on a receptacle.

After working in the trade for nearly a decade, AnneMarie has an incredible diversity of experience and knowledge about becoming an electrician – she’s worked across Canada in residential, commercial, industrial settings, alongside a myriad of clients and colleagues.

And while both the tasks at hand and the personalities that come with it can sometimes prove challenging, she’ll be the first to tell you that the challenge is one of the reasons the trade is so rewarding.

Watch: AnneMarie shares her electrical journey.

Things an electrician apprentice should know.

“Whenever someone wants to throw a roadblock in front of me, it can be a motivator,” she admits.

After completing a degree in Kinesiology, AnneMarie found herself facing a challenge that many new graduates are familiar with – there was a lack of opportunities that matched her skillset.

However, experience volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and working at Home Depot illuminated the possibility of a new path.  The thought of working in the trades lit a spark in her.

“I was drawn to the trades because I wanted a career that I could truly own in a field that had longevity,” she says. “When I was searching for a trade to go into, it was all about entering an area that allowed me to keep learning and evolving. After speaking to several electricians it became clear that electrical work checked all of those boxes.”

Becoming an electrician takes personality and perseverance

After she decided to take the plunge into the trade, AnneMarie quickly discovered that the maturity she had gained through her previous educational and work experiences paid off, setting her apart from the pack.

“Once I found an employer, I quickly elevated through the starter position within 3 weeks,” she says. “If I did something wrong I’d admit to it and go back and fix it and I think they recognized that I wasn’t just there to ‘float.’ I was motivated.”

According to AnneMarie, the qualities that make successful tradespeople shine include curiosity, a desire to learn, strong self-motivation and a willingness to jump in and get your hands dirty.

For those considering a trade or becoming an electrician apprentice

“I think that the perception around the trades still isn’t accurate,” she says. “In my experience, high school guidance counselors steered me away from them because they were seen as ‘lesser jobs,’ when they’re really not. Working in a trade is a great way to get ahead.”

As for the advice that she has to anyone considering a new career?

“If you’re unsure what you want to do, don’t be afraid to go into a trade. It offers the ability to gain a skillset and certification that no one can take away from you.”

A certified ERCA/ESA electrical contractor who prides herself in providing professional, friendly and honest service, AnneMarie now runs her own residential electrical business, Electrically Divine, servicing homeowners within London, Ontario and the surrounding area.


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