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Crafting consistency: optimising filtration processes in non-pasteurized beer.

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Non-pasteurized beer is a popular option for many beer enthusiasts. 

Beer commonly undergoes pasteurization to ensure longer shelf-life and consistency. However, many craft breweries choose to forgo the pasteurization process to produce beer with more complex flavour profiles.

Unpasteurized beer can be filtered to increase the final product stability and shelf life. Depending on the craft brewer’s desired outcome, the unpasteurized beer might undergo two steps before bottling: clarification and final filtration.

Implementing the right filtration program for your unpasteurized beer can help your brewery ensure that each batch is consistent, flavourful, and protected from spoilage.

Improving clarity in non-pasteurized beer during the pre-filtration process.

Many brewing facilities use conventional plates and frame filter presses to clarify non-pasteurized or draft beer before final membrane filtering and packaging. However, deficiencies like exposure to contaminants, filter changeout, and oxygen pickup occur frequently, negatively affecting reliability, energy consumption, and processing costs.

As a result, many breweries are modernizing and reviewing their operations and focusing on improvements in efficiency and sanitation methods. 3M™ Zeta Plus™ H Series Filters can help significantly reduce filter changeout downtime, leakage and beer loss, and labour. The filter sheet media is contained in an easy-to-use cartridge form installed in an enclosed, sanitary design filter housing. It is designed to withstand multiple steaming and hot water sanitization and regeneration cycles. As an alternative to filter presses, 3M™ Zeta Plus™ H Series Filters helps provide a convenient and cost-effective choice for beer filtration.

For a beer that is more difficult to filter, 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Dual-Zone MH Series Filters can provide optimal clarification and prefiltration while also helping reduce processing costs and extending service life. This dual-zone depth filter is designed with a unique construction that enhances the filter's contaminant holding capacity by trapping larger particles, hazes, and microorganisms in the upstream layer and smaller ones in the downstream layer.

Enhancing your final filtration processes.

The final filtration process is important because it helps maintain your final product's taste, freshness, and safety.

Microporous membrane filtration is an excellent method of achieving microbiological stability in the container without using chemicals or heat. The organoleptic properties can be preserved until the product is opened.

The 3M™ LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter's membrane is combined with the 3M cartridge construction to provide thermal resistance, creating continuous service under demanding conditions. The high surface helps area improves flow and filter life, while the spoilage organism retention provides reliable microbiological control. Designed to withstand repeated how water and sanitation cycles, 3M™ LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filters are a reliable solution to help you reduce costs and ensure safety and reliability.

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