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Choose the right painter’s tape for your next DIY project.

Painters tape

Whether you’re looking to add a new colour to your walls or renovating your entire home, painter’s tape is a handy tool to have in your DIY toolkit.

Scotch® Brand has all the solutions you need to make your space feel fresher and brighter, improve the look of an area inside or outside of your home, and all the other projects in between.

A century ago, we saw a need for a tape that could help you with your painting jobs. Over time, we’ve fine-tuned and improved our range of masking and painter’s tapes, offering you products you can count on.

Which Scotch® Painter's Tape should you use?

No matter the task or the surface, you’ll find a Scotch® Painter's Tape for it. If you’re wondering what tape to use, here’s a guide that will help you get the job done right every time.

Multi-surface painter’s tapes.

  1. Scotch® General Painting Multi-Surface Painter's Tape.

For a versatile solution choose this option. Ideal for wood trims, painted walls, tile floors, or window trims, this Scotch® General Painting Multi-Surface Painter’s Tapes stays on interior surfaces for up to eight days and then comes off cleanly. It conforms to corners, edges, and straight lines, and the paper in the tape contains 30% recycled fibres.

  1. ScotchBlue™ Original Multi-Surface Painter's Tape.

Our original multi-surface painter’s tape offers you a 14-day clean removal that leaves behind no sticky residue. This means that you can take your time doing your project and fit it onto your busy schedule. Providing a medium adhesive for an even bond for a variety of surfaces such as wood trims, painted walls, tile floors, or glass doors and windows, ScotchBlue™ Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape is also UV and sunlight resistant.

  1. ScotchBlue™ Sharp Lines Multi-Surface Painter's Tape.

This solution comes with our Edge-Lock™ Technology to help seal out paint and deliver sharp lines. Its medium adhesive is suitable for a variety of surfaces, while its strong paper backing helps prevent tearing when you’re removing the tape. It’s perfect for DIYers with busy schedules because it comes off without leaving any residue for up to 21 days.

  1. ScotchBlue™ Ultra Sharp Lines Multi-Surface Painter's Tape.

Our ScotchBlue™ Ultra Sharp Lines Multi-Surface Painter's Tape comes with the Advanced Edge-Lock™ Technology and gives you better paint lines. It’s different from other standard paper painter’s tapes because it conforms to curves and tears straight for fast cornering. It also comes off surfaces without tearing or slivering and helps provide a convenient 90 snap tear off of the roll. This solution can stay on surfaces for up to 28 days without leaving any residue behind.

Surface-specific painter’s tapes.

  1. Scotch® Delicate Surface Painter's Tape.

For surfaces that require a little extra care, such as wood floors, wallpapers, or painted drywalls, the Scotch® Delicate Surface Painter's Tape is your best bet. This solution delivers sharp paint lines and a clean removal for up to 60 days, and it works well for accent walls, decorative stripes, and patterns. It also comes with our Edge-Lock™ Technology that seals out paint and delivers sharp lines.

  1. Scotch® Exterior Surface Painter's Tape.

When you need a tape that can handle wind, rain, humidity, and direct sunlight for outdoor projects, the Scotch® Exterior Surface Painter’s Tape is the perfect solution. It comes off cleanly for up to 10 days and helps provide a convenient 90 snap tear off of the roll. You can use it for metals, vinyl, painted woods, and glass.

  1. Scotch® Rough Surface Painter's Tape.

This solution is designed for rough, non-damageable surfaces. It comes with a strong adhesive and can be used on brick, concrete, stucco, or rough wood. We recommend using Scotch® Rough Surface Painter’s Tape with or on lacquer coatings. It helps to hold on to surfaces for up to 5 days without leaving any residue behind.

Basic painter’s tape.

  1. Scotch® Contractor Grade Masking Tape.

For general-purpose masking tape uses on vinyl, carpet, metals, or plastic, go with the Scotch® Contractor Grade Masking Tape. It holds to surfaces for up to 3 days.

Select the right Scotch® Painter’s Tape for your project.

Find the right tape for your project with just a few clicks by using our interactive tool here. All of our General Painting Multi-Surface Scotch® Painter’s Tape are available at major retailers across Canada. The 24mm 2-pack Scotch® General Painting Multi-Surface Painter's Tape can only be found at Canadian Tire.

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