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February 8, 2016 3M Canada

Eye protection

The Often Unseen Dangers of Using the Wrong Eye Protection

From flying objects and chemical spills, to particles like sawdust and silica, there is a vast variety of eye injury hazards lurking on jobsites across Canada. Whether your industry is construction, manufacturing, oil and gas or any number of workplaces in between, if you’re working with raw materials, it’s almost guaranteed that safety glasses or goggles are an essential part of your personal protective equipment.

So how is it that even though protective eyewear is often required, there are still over 200 work-related eye injuries in Canada every day?

Get the whole picture on properly protecting your eyes

This infographic explains the common sources of eye injury and how you can take action to protect your vision.


Make sure your protective eyewear is up to CSA standard

While there’s no shortage of protective eyewear on the market, not all are created equal.

For instance, it might be hard to believe, but not all safety glasses and goggles sold in Canada are approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

CSA is recognized as the largest standards group in Canada and their approval on a product is dependent on a number of rigorous tests. Taking the time to ensure that your safety equipment meets this standard is one of the ways that you can feel confident that the product will work as it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to.

Finding the right 3M™ Safety Glasses and Goggles is easier than ever

3M Safety offers close to 100 safety eyewear products, so that everyone can have the right eyewear solution – for both fit and function.

Learn more about assessing proper fit.

Plus, with the 3M Safety App, available for iPad®, finding the perfect pair of safety glasses or goggles has never been easier.

Download the App today and follow the prompts to find the right eyewear solution for you and/or your employees.

Are you looking for more information on 3M Safety products?

Contact your local 3M sales representative or get help here.

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