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8 top science stories of 2018.

As much as they want to, Canadians don’t fully understand the role science plays in their daily lives. It’s a theme that has come up time and time again over the last twelve months.

In our State of Science Index study, for example, we found that Canadians have big hopes for science. Almost half of us believe flying cars will happen within our lifetime, and most of us believe science can solve our greatest sustainability challenges. And yet, 72% rarely think about the impact of science on their everyday life.

So it should come as no surprise that this year’s top science stories follow suit.

From futuristic fodder and design dreams to the most practical protection, this year’s top science stories reflect both a hope for the future – and a responsibility to deliver it.

Check them out for yourself.

8. Why we invest in community development.

If we really want to improve lives, technology solutions aren’t enough. We need to make sure the communities receiving them are happy and healthy so they can realize the greatest benefit. Here’s how we use our capabilities to “do good.”volunteer infographicFounded in 1953, 3Mgives has contributed $1.45 billion to community partners across the world.

7.  Food safety testing technology: how to get fast results.

As food and beverage production becomes more advanced – and more competitive – we need to make sure we don’t sacrifice safety for speed. Meet the technology helping to deliver fast, reliable food safety test results.

6. 7 frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps.

Advances in car wraps are putting the most head-turning design trends within reach for drivers across Canada. But it takes guts to be a trend-setter. Vehicle wrap expert Phil Aquin offers helps you navigate the market, and gives you the confidence to choose the right product.

5. Why we must keep supercomputers “cool”.

Today supercomputers help us predict everything from climate change to the spread of pandemics. But the faster they get, the hotter they get. Energy expert Weixing Hou shares how we can keep our cool with a liquid that doesn’t get wet.

4. How to bond lightweight materials with high strength.

How can we be lighter without being weaker? It’s a challenge that many manufacturers like PDG Mobility are facing every day. Learn how they, like many others, are using adhesives to unlock design opportunities that would never be possible with rivets or welds.

3. How to protect your car from stone chips.

Imagine: protection from the hazards of the road – all thanks to a simple, clear film. Science is saving cars from chips and scratches. Meet the secret weapon used by road warriors across the country.

2. Canadian expert puts 3M skin antiseptics to the test.

Don’t let their stature fool you. Micro-organisms can be life threatening – especially in our hospitals. To keep patients safe, we need to follow good pre-operative procedures, with products manufactured to the highest standards. We invited renowned microbiologist Dr. Michelle Alfa to review the procedures used to make our antiseptic product. Check out the results.

1. Why STEM fields are critical to our future workforce needs.

70% of careers available to Canadian youth will require Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), but only 37% of Canadian students (ages 16-18) want to pursue these education in these fields. We’re facing a critical skill gap. How do we close it?

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