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407 ETR paves the way for smarter, safer roads.

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Autonomous vehicles are hitting the road, and the push for innovation is on.

As technological advancements make it ever more possible for autonomous vehicles to safely navigate our roadways, development in infrastructure can help prepare those roadways for the future.

With the support of 3M Canada, 407 ETR is using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to help make roadways future-ready.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Lane detection is a key part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technology, which means lane markings need to be highly visible for drivers and autonomous vehicles alike.

Placing trust in the performance of 3M’s pavement markings, 407 ETR turned again to 3M for solutions made for both humans and machines. 3M™ Connected Roads™ Contrast Tape Series 380ADAS is an evolution in pavement markings designed with machine vision in mind.

Featuring a colour contrast between black and white, the markings allow machines to use edge detection algorithms to determine lane boundaries – both in harsh weather conditions and at night. But that’s only one way that pavement markings can help:

  • Wet retroreflectivity – The markings remain bright and visible in inclement weather.
  • Colour Contrast – White or yellow markings edged in black provide improved lane definition.
  • Durability – Microcrystalline ceramic beads, tough polyurethane binder, and an embossed tape structure allow for long-lasting performance.

Keeping Drivers Safe.

Embracing autonomous vehicle technology and keeping drivers safe is important, which is why 407 ETR decided to invest in innovation and prepare for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Enhancing existing infrastructure with an advanced material pilot that spans a segment of the Greater Toronto Area, 407 ETR is confident that 3M™ Connected Roads™ Contrast Tape will help them prepare for the future.

“Our history with 3M Canada and their innovative products makes 407 ETR confident in their offerings. With success using their pavement markings in the past, the pilot project using 3MTM Connected RoadsTM Contrast Tape made sense. It’s important we remain ahead of the game when it comes to autonomous vehicles for the safety of drivers and passengers alike. We aim to remain ‘safe, fast, and reliable’.”  - Craig White, 407 ETR Vice President, Highway and Tolling Operations.

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Total Traffic Services Inc. completed the installation overnight, and by morning, high contrast pavement markings were in place to make it safer and easier for both drivers and autonomous vehicles to navigate roads during the day and at night.

Future in sight for autonomous vehicles.

By investing in pavement markings, 407 ETR is paving the way for the future. Who will be next?

To learn more about 3MTM Connected Roads™, click here.

About the Author

[enBio=Craig White has been with 407 ETR since 2004 and is a professional engineer with a BASc in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo. With over 30 years of experience in Engineering, Construction Management, Project Management, and Operations on a wide variety of projects and positions, Craig has worked on landmark assignments such as the Cross-Israel Highway project and was responsible for Atlantic Highways Management Corporation, the operator of Highway 104 in Nova Scotia. Craig has also managed the development and implementation of the toll system as part of the original Highway 407 ETR construction.],[enJob=Vice President, Tolling and Highway Operations],[frBio=Craig White, un ingénieur professionnel titulaire d’un baccalauréat en génie civil de l’Université de Waterloo travaille chez 407 ETR depuis 2004. Possédant plus de 30 ans d’expérience en ingénierie, en gestion de la construction, en gestion de projets et en exploitation dans le cadre d’une variété de projets et occupant divers postes, Craig a travaillé à des projets de point d’intérêt comme celui de l’autoroute qui traverse Israël et a été responsable de l’Atlantic Highways Management Corporation qui exploite l’autoroute 104 en Nouvelle-Écosse. Craig a également géré l’élaboration et la mise en œuvre du système de péage dans le cadre de la construction initiale de l’autoroute 407 ETR.],[frJob=Vice-président, Opérations routières et de péage]

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