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4 ways to fine-tune your metal finishing.


Tips and Tricks from Alex Tarsitano, 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Abrasives Specialist

It’s maddening. You rely on keen instincts to select the right abrasive finishing product for the job – and they serve you well. So when the finish is a bit off, or the shine isn’t quite right, it’s enough to drive you crazy.

How do you get back on the right track?

Alex Tarsitano, Scotch-Brite™ Abrasives Specialist, shares how a few minor tweaks can help fine-tune your finishes.

1. Apply Some Pressure.

Whether you’ve got a light touch, or you’re heavy-handed, Alex explains that your force can affect your finish.

“You can use the same product to create different finishes just by applying different pressures,” he says. “With lighter pressure you can achieve a finer finish with thinner lines. Whereas with higher pressure you can create deeper, coarser lines.”

2. Watch Your Speed.

Some say slow and steady wins the race. Others have the need for speed. But did you know your pace can actually impact the final product?

“The speed at which you scuff can make a big difference,” Alex says. “If you’re looking for a coarser finish, try making a nice long, slow stroke. A fast scrub will give you a much finer finish.”

3. Mind Your Mineral.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t make your workpiece shine. To get that gleam, Alex suggests switching up the mineral.

“Many Scotch-Brite™ Abrasives are made with aluminum oxide,” Alex says. “These are great products, but if you’re looking for a shinier finish, you might want to consider silicon carbide instead. It’s sharper and pointier, so it will scratch deeper to give you the same fine finish but with more luster.”

abrasives close-up

4. Switch Your Density.

Finishing isn’t always straightforward. To deliver consistent results even on curves, clefts, and crevices, Alex recommends reviewing your product density.

“Switching to a lower density can give you a thinner more flexible product that can confirm to nooks and crannies,” he says. “Higher densities can give you thicker, more rigid options that stay nice and sturdy. Depending on the result you’re looking for, we can work together to fine tune your product for a finish that’s just right.”

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