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Taking STEM education to the extreme.

Extreme labs internship classroom

Meet the 3M™ VHB™ Tape Extreme Labs Research Scientist Intern

“Seeking insatiable curiosity,” the job description read. It was a call that demanded a fearless pursuit of knowledge and a hunger to explore.

Earlier this year, we scoured four of Canada’s top engineering schools looking for a student that fit the bill. The gig: a four-month stint in the 3M Canada lab. The pool: more than four hundred of the country’s STEM elite.

So who’s been selected as the master apprentice?

Meet Emmett: the 3M™ VHB™ Tape Extreme Labs Research Scientist Intern

  • Name: Emmett
  • Age: 21
  • Hometown: London, ON
  • School: Queen’s University
  • Program and Year of Study: 4th Year Engineering Physics, Mechanical Option
  • Little-Known Fact: Competitively races sailboats

3M intern Emmett

3M internships: bridging academics with real work experience

Like many STEM students, Emmett wanted a taste of the real world. His resume is packed with academic accomplishments, but he hungered for a glimpse into life off-campus.

“Most of my experience to date has been in academic labs,” he says. “I wanted to explore research in industry.”

In September, he hit up the 3M™ VHB™ Tape Extreme Lab event on his campus – an interactive information session hosted by 3M Canada. The event gave him the low-down on 3M’s corporate culture and disruptive technologies like 3M™ VHB™ Tape. It instantly felt like a good fit.

“I liked that 3M appeared to be focused on research,” Emmett says. “I felt like this aligned with my interest in being on the forefront of technology.”

Taking learning to the extreme, working at 3M Canada

Fast-forward through a rigorous screening process, and a series of interviews. Emmett was selected as 3M Canada’s next Research Scientist Intern.

As he ramps up for his first day, he’s energized by the challenge ahead of him.

“I’m hoping to take away an exciting lab experience, where I have been pushed out of my comfort zone,” he says. “I’m excited that I will get to work with a company that is focused on research and I look forward to learning new skills – these are the times when I have the most fun. I look forward to meeting the hurdles and the people that will me grow as an engineer and as a person.”

Follow Emmett’s Extreme Experience

Want to get a first-hand look inside the 3M Canada lab? Follow Emmett through his internship.

Visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@3M_Canada) – look for the hashtag #vhbextreme.

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