Where do modern health and safety professionals gather?

May 3, 2016 3M Canada

3M town square

A place for modern health and safety professionals to gather: Meet in the 3M Town Square

There’s no argument that the world today is a different place than it was 200 years ago. But even in our modern era, the most trusted source of information still has its roots in ancient origin: Word of mouth, the power of a friend or colleague’s recommendation, is still your best reference guide.

So when it comes to what’s happening in your industry today, your professional community is your support system.

A place to be connected: meet up in the Town Square

So where do you go when you’re looking to connect with your industry’s community?

In the past, you would have headed down to the Town Square: A physical gathering place in the centre of the town where community members and like-minded people would have gathered to exchange ideas, share news, and socialize.

The Town Square formed a solid, central root within your community – a comfortable space to gather and share all of the information you needed to keep your life and business moving forward.

Town Square webpage

The new Town Square for health and safety professionals

The Town Square still exists today, only now, the centre of your community is available in a new location – online with 3M Canada, Personal Safety, Canada’s leader in personal protective equipment.

The 3M Canada Worker Health and Safety Town Square is a digital gathering place, where modern health and safety professionals gather to educate themselves and their workers about product information, safety solutions, regulatory purpose and industry standards.

In the Town Square, visitors can browse through or take a deep dive into articles, web pages and social conversations that reflect the current issues and topics circulating your professional community.  The Town Square helps fill a knowledge gap with reliable and relevant content including safety solutions for workers in the toughest environments – at heights, underground, in the lab and in all weather conditions.

Explore industry trends, sample new products, request a demo, register for training, discover more about safety hazards and solutions, share content with other health and safety professionals, and save additional reading for later, all in one location.

Visit the 3M Canada Worker Health and Safety Town Square


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