For three decades, Martech has been a leader in the field of visual identification and signage.

Providing a range of standard and custom traffic signs and lettering, Martech is a proud family company, helmed by President Denis Marion with the support of his two sons, Jean-Simon Marion and Marc-Antoine Marion.

This past June, the company celebrated its 30-year anniversary. Throughout the entirety of that 30 years, Martech has trusted 3M to provide them with the products and service they need to continue to be innovators in their field. We talked with three Martech employees about why they choose 3M.

Martech - Roger Turcotte

Roger Turcotte, Screenprinter

Roger has been with Martech since 1987.

“Martech was founded in June 1986 in Longueuil, Quebec. The company started out as a sign shop with only five employees manufacturing products for nearby municipalities and companies. At the beginning of my career, we had virtually no equipment but we have always used 3M Inks and 3M Sheeting and over time our production has become increasingly sophisticated. Throughout the years, by focusing on quality, service, and productivity, Martech became one of the major suppliers of signage, signposts, and related products in Quebec, expanding to a 30,000 square foot factory with over 40 employees. And we still use 3M inks and sheeting.”

Martech - Yvon Durand

Yvon Durand, Purchaser and Inventory Manager

Yvon began his career in the signage business as a foreman in 1973. With Martech since 1993, he is now the Purchaser and Inventory Manager.

“In the course of my career, I have used a large variety of products and brands, and the superior quality of the 3M brand is clear for many reasons. There is greater ease of use, a broader variety of products, and 3M products have much better durability. An important aspect of Martech’s commitment to being a leader in quality is ensuring that we use the best available materials on the market, which is why 3M has been a crucial partner for this family business since the beginning.”

Martech - Michel Lavallée

Michel Lavallée, Production Manager

An employee since 1993, Michel has worked in screen printing since 1981.

“Martech has always taken pride in our production time and product quality. Over time that commitment to quality has only grown, thanks in large part to a concerted team effort and our ability to rely on 3M’s expertise. We are always innovating and developing new products and we never hesitate to ask for help from 3M on our quest to develop the perfect product for each customer’s needs. We are a Certified 3M Fabricator, which means our customers can ensure we are always using the right processes to optimize product quality.”

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